Issue No. 4 – NAPA Magazine

Wine, meet food. Food, meet wine. In Napa Valley, wine and food are complementary companions. It seems fitting that the best of both these worlds are intertwined in this stunningly beautiful place where they are equal partners in the pursuit of the ultimate culinary experience.

While there is a science behind wine and food pairings, it is also generally accepted that wine changes the way food tastes, and vice versa. A great glass of wine can bring out the best in its culinary companion, and likewise, certain ingredients can take a wine to the next level. To celebrate this relationship, wine and food pairings are a prominent feature at the Napa Valley Vintners’ annual Auction Napa Valley fundraiser, allowing guests to enjoy variety-specific wines with complementary creative cuisine.

This was the inspiration for the NAPA Wine & Food Pairing Guide, which we offer as a primer for you to navigate the world of Napa Valley’s consistent quality red, white, rosé, sparkling and dessert wines. From information about each variety and notable pairings, to recipes from our esteemed chef-partners, we hope this keepsake will deepen your interest and love for this special spot on earth.