Issue No. 6 – NAPA Magazine

Spring is a glorious time in the Napa Valley: bright yellow mustard flowers are blooming between vineyard rows, our hills are covered with sprouting green grass and buds are beginning to break on our world-famous vines.

It’s a wonderful time to get outdoors and take in some of the other activities—besides tasting our extraordinary wines—that visitors come from miles away to enjoy: hiking in the hillsides, golf, bike riding, water sports and balloon rides. In this issue, winemakers share their favorite spring pastimes.

Spring is also the season to begin working in the yard and planting vegetable gardens. Eventually, these become the building blocks of healthy meals, many inspired by the fresh flavors of Asian cuisine. We’re excited to share ideas for how you can pair those flavors with Napa Valley’s diverse styles and varieties of wine.

We’re also celebrating hometown heroes who help our community in ordinary times and extraordinary times, like the October 2017 wine country wildfires. We think you’ll enjoy meeting them, too.

We know many of you are just emerging from the dark cloak of a long, cold winter. We hope this issue of NAPA brings a little California sunshine into your life.

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