Issue No. 7 – NAPA Magazine

Harvest in Napa Valley is a time of amber light and little sleep for those tending to the signs and science of just the right time to bring in grapes that have been tended to so well throughout the long growing season.

There are breakfast burritos and the scent of crushed grapes just beginning to ferment. There are meals and laughter and long hours shared while making sure that every step along the way from vineyard to bottle is handled with care and precision. And, throughout it all, a lot of heart.

The decision of when to harvest is just one of many decisions a winemaker makes throughout the year. We’ll explore those decisions and their influences on a finished bottle of wine in the pages ahead, and wind our way through the nuances and rarity of Premiere Napa Valley wines and what makes them so coveted and collectible.

Wherever you live, we’ll give you tips on throwing a harvest party of your own and Cabernet Season recipes to fill your home with the comforting aromas of slow-simmered dishes.

Be part of the harvest cacophony yourself through photos, videos, reports from the vineyards and more at and #harvestnapa.